Sound Design Reel
Tomomi on the Farm - Short film
Latest Short 2021


Some Extra Sound Design
Sound Design based on a light orb that would be used as a spell to light the pathway for a character, with a cartoony style, this sound is divided into 4 sections, casting the spell, the birth of the orb, the glowing and the shattering of the orb with a glass type element.
This is a car engine sound based on an electric car, this sample was created for a College project, I used Massive( Synth - Native instruments ) to create this simulation.
Sound based on a mechanical grappling hook, this sample is divided into three sections, launch, the grappling hook movement (Loop), and the impact(Metal).
Sound created for a generic laser gun using Massive.
Sound based on a spell that works by injecting life into a plant, making the plant grow into a full tree.
This sound is divided into two sections, the spell casting, and the plant growth


All the tracks were created to be loopable and implemented with Fmod.

Mini Cook Friends

Mini Cook Friends (Mobile) - Composer and Sound Designer. A Cooking simulation game with open-world aspects and diverse set of gameplay options.

Sound Design (Gameplay)

This is a partnership with a game development team from brazil called Starling Team. All the sound design and music were created by me.


This album is the OST for the game Children of the World, which is a demo project based on the Brazilian Animation "O Menino e o Mundo".

Children of The World

Children of the World(PC) - Composer and Sound Designer. An adventure game based on the Oscars Nominated Brazilia animation "O Menino e o Mundo"

Sound Design (Gameplay)

Developed with Unity.

Audio Implemented with Fmod.

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Video Game Music and Sound Design

Wet Paint (On Old Canvases)

Composition by Greg Andersen, Recorded at UBC, Vancouver, Canada, and mixed at my Studio.

Alex Little and The Suspicious Minds.

Live session recorded and Mixed at 604 Records, Vancouver, Canada

Bushido - Emergence

Recorded and Mixed at LaSalle College, Vancouver, Canada

Music Recording and Mixing


My name is Henrique, and I am a sound designer, composer, and mixer. I am currently living in Vancouver, Canada, but I was born in Brazil.  I work with game developers, filmmakers, and musicians in order to create, modify, or improve audio. My goal is to produce intriguing and inspiring sounds.

I love working as a sound designer creating new sounds for games and movies, and my favorite type of sounds to create are the ones that I’ve never made before - sounds that challenge me to learn something new.

As a musician in Brazil, I had the chance to perform live, playing guitar and singing for many years. I also play the piano and a Japanese flute called Shakuhachi. Here in Vancouver, I have composed music for many games and short movies.

Working as a mixer and recording engineer, I had the pleasure of recording bands such as “Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds” and “Bushido”.  In addition, I have recorded and mixed many different genres, from Indie Rock to Jazz. In terms of mixing, I've also worked on many short movies, doing sound editing, mixing, foley, and sound design. Finally, I've been working for over 3 years as a podcast editor.

I just love audio, and I can say with confidence that I've truly found my dream job.

Internship 2020 | Zion Church | Step Into Your Calling

Partnership with Capstone Visuals, San Clemente, Californa. Sound Design, Foley, and Mix by me.

Demo Reel 2020

Sound Design/Editing/Mixing

Animated Spider-Man Battles: An Unorthodox Octopus Fight
Sound Design and Mix

Stop motion created by Tyler Drewe (UK), I had the pleasure to create all the sound design and mix the score created by the awesome composer Greg Andersen.

Other Work

Short Movies

Here are some examples of short movies I worked on. Unfortunately, I can't show all of them because most of the films are being showcased at festivals. All the Sound Design and Mix were done by me.

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Sound Design

Mixing - Music/Film



Sound Design

Mixing Film/Music



List of Clients

-604 Records (Vancouver, Canada)
-CBC (Vancouver, Canada)

-Split Studio (São Paulo, Brazil)

-Capstone Visuals (San Clemente, US)

-Tabata Productions (Vancouver, Canada)

-Starling Team (São Paulo, Brazil)

-Cineasta Films (Vancouver, Canada)

-Tyler Drewe Productions (UK, Europe)

-Trabalho de Mesa (Brazil)

-STUDIO 104 Entertainment (Vancouver, Canada)

-Aja Entertainment (Vancouver, Canada)

-Keith White Audio (Vancouver Canada)

-Classified Films (Vancouver Canada)

Working with Composer Greg Andersen

Spider Man Vs The Lizard

Second Episode of a Series of Stop Motion Filmes created by Tyler Drewe.

My Roles: Foley, Sound Design, and Mixing.

Dead Man's Hate

Animation created in partnership with Fable Feast, a worldwide horror alliance.
Role : Sound Design/Foley/Score/Dialog Editing

Tomomi On The Farm

Short film created in partnership with CBC and Studio104Entertainment.

My Roles; Dialog Recording and Editing, Foley, Sound Design and Mixing

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

How Easy - Madelyn Read

Co-Engineered with Pedro Dzelm at 604 Records, Vancouver, Canada.

Nikola Death Ray

Self titled EP, recorded and mixed at LaSalle College, Vancouver.

Sound Editing

Field Recording

Podcast Editing

Mini Cook Friends

Lumen (Coming Soon)

Flate Face - Game Jaaj 5

Children of The World

Video Game Music and Sound Design

Ujji POC Runner

Vulpecula (Coming Soon)


Spider Man vs Dr. Octopus

Zion Church Ad.

Dead Man's Hate

Tomomi on The Farm

Spider man vs The Lizard

Baba Yaga

When We Met

Kids On The Wall

I Know You Are Here

Share The Struggle - Promo

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Chapitre 2 Productions - Reel

Howe Sound/Átl’ḵa7tsem 

Mobius Squad

Music Recording and Mixing

- Foley
- Sound Design
- Mixing Film/Music
- Sound Editing

- Field Recording

- Podcast Editing

- ADR Recording

- VO Recording

- Music Recording




Creature Sound Design 1

Creature Sound Design 2

Creature Sound Design 3

Creature Sound Design 4